On October 29, Leipzig Red Bull lost 0-5 to Manchester United. After the game, Leipzig coach Nagelsmann criticized the team's performance.


Nagelsman: "Of course this feeling will not be good, and this feeling is very deep. After losing the first ball in the first half, we performed well and we also won a lot of possessions. From 3 After -5-2 moved to 4-2-3-1, I think our performance is not like the first half."


"After falling behind 0-2, we stopped defending. This is one point I want to criticize today. I feel a bit disappointed after falling behind by two goals, especially when you play fairly well. I think it's understandable. But The score of 0-2 can also be regarded as a normal defeat. Taking 0-5 home is a disastrous defeat."


"This is not a farce, other teams have had the same experience. We paid a certain price today, but we could have performed better in the last 20 minutes. Other than that, this game was not that way. Bad."


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